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How important is nutrition?

Our body is made, repaired and run on the nutrients we get from food so from a health point of view good nutrition is essential.

Amazingly from a health perspective in the past nutrition has been disregarded as a major influence but now with such a rapid rise in obesity and other health related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease the effects of a poor diet is undeniable. More >

Nutrition in todays world

Diet related conditions have risen dramatically over the last few decades and the big finger is pointing at the increased accessibility to cheaper food. But is not just about the cost it’s also about the type of food we are eating. Obviously people would rather eat chips and cakes than vegetables not just because we believe them to taste better but because they involve little preparation. In today’s world convenience is king and modern lifestyles are perceived as not conducive to healthy living.

Fad diets and nutritional claims lacking in scientific substance bombard the population and even when the science is there it can be cherry picked to prove a point or make a story. It is funny how there are hundreds of unreported studies already showing the benefits of eating more veg but if a single one comes out on chocolate or alcohol suggesting a heath benefit it makes the front page. There are so much contradictory and confusing dietary messages out there and consumers have lost confidence and trust in the food industry. More >

However there is no reason why quick meals or convenience food cannot also contain natural, healthy ingredients. Healthy living and eating is simple and straightforward because at the end of the day humans need the same things they have always needed, lots of nutrition found in the natural foods we have always had growing around us. As we have become more removed from the food we eat, the difficulty now is how we adapt that to current lifestyles.

How Selectfood can help

Selectfood is run by well known health and wellbeing expert Liz Tucker. Liz has years of experience working in the media and pr which is grounded by her academic background, clinic consultations and her work in the food industry. She is know for her straightforward, science based approach and believes that the easiest way to make change happen is to provide a better option.
IN the media and pr world Liz can help

  • as an expert for quotes, features, articles, Q&A’s and expert advice
  • as a guest speaker for health events, promotions, conferences, media days and consumer shows
  • for feature writing, health columns and copy writing.
  • As a media expert to advise on topics, work with presenters and producers
  • to pr companies as an experienced voice on food and nutrition

Website Access

Selectfood is also a consumer site with an extensive directory of food producers, associations and other food relevant information. We are always keen to hear of any nutrition or food related news. If you are in pr and have a product that suits our site then we would be happy to discuss further links, new items or features contact us

Liz is also co-founder of, a healthy living consumer website with a strong female based following. BHBH is a well established, well known health and wellbeing site so if you have a story, association or product that needs greater awareness but is less food more health and lifestyle related then BHBH may be just what you are looking for. link


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