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How important is nutrition?

Our body is made, repaired and run on the nutrients we get from food so from a health point of view good nutrition is absolutely essential.
Amazingly from a health perspective in the past nutrition has been totally under-rated as a major influence but now with such a rapid rise in obesity and other health related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease the effects of a poor diet is undeniable. More >

Nutrition in the food industry

Diet is one of the main health aspects people are able to control themselves. With the rapid rise in diet related health concerns the consumer has become much more health aware and is therefore demanding more information about what is in the food they eat. The demand is growing for the food industry to be more accountable for the food they produce which has lead to calls for more detailed food labelling and tighter regulation regarding nutritional claims at point of sale.

The obvious positive aspect of closer nutritional analysis is its ability to bring to light previously undisclosed nutritional attributes of a product. It can also help greatly in providing product focus, consistency across a range, New product development (NPD) targeting and marketing advantages.

Time to junk the unhealthy label

Healthy eating is generally associated with fresh natural produce that takes time to prepare. Composite and prepared foods have traditionally been considered as a less healthy option, even referred to as “junk.” However, the busy consumer has become accustomed to convenience eating. Our aim at Selectfood is to make healthy eating an integral part of modern lifestyles by introducing a more balanced approach to nutrition.

How Selectfood can help

The food industry has always had the ability to adapt to consumer needs and this now involves a much greater understanding of the nutritional value of their products. Nutrition is a complex topic that can easily be misunderstood. At Selectfood we can guide you through the potential nutritional minefield of customer confusion and current complex regulations and provide professional, specialist advise to help you either clean up existing products, develop new ones, manage legislation, enhance your marketing strategy and company profile or cope with increasingly complex customer queries.

At Selectfood our main areas of assistance are –

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