Nutrition in today’s world

In today’s society there is a new phenomena, people are suffering from being both undernourished and overfed. For many their basic relationship with food has gone bad, diets have become an imbalanced mess, low in nutrition but high in calories. This nutritional strain can create a body less able to cope with normal everyday demands.

Traditionally most people in the western world ate well but today an unhealthy diet is becoming the norm. As a we are in danger of committing nutritional suicide as we see big rises in diet related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

So where has it quite literally gone pear-shaped? There are multiple reasons but there is no doubt our food has changed over the last 3 decades. There was a time when the food available to us just happened to create a healthy diet. The basics of meat, fish, milk, whole-grains and plenty of veg gave us our core nutrition. In today’s prepackaged world we have to think more about whats in our food. Dietary messages have become confusing and contradictory generating food fads and fears.

Back to basics is the key, we need to know and recognise what we are eating but that doesn’t mean to say we have to give up our conveniences. Food manufactures today are recognising that you can make healthier food, fast but ultimately its still down to the consumer to make the right dietary choices and this could quite literally be pure and simple.

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