NPD and product cleansing

The 3 key areas Selectfood can assist you with –

New Product Development

If you are considering developing a new product or menu it is worthwhile considering where you would want it to fit nutritionally in the market. For example are you aiming for a healthier, natural and or organic option, do you want to make it free-from or do you want to target a consumer group with specific nutritional needs such as the sports market or busy mums?

Even if you are not niche marketing, the general public are much more nutritionally aware and more likely to select healthier foods from producers more open to nutritional disclosure.

We can also help in the development of new products by advising on anything from ingredient suggestions, portion sizes and range or flavours so that your end products really does do exactly what it says on the label.

Existing brands or menus

If nutritional analysis brings to light some negative nutritional issues we can help you clean up your products by suggesting alternative ingredients, nutritional ratios and portion measures. We can also suggest additional ingredients that may add further nutritional benefits, improve the nutritional consistency of a range of products or recipes or help develop the brand to suit a new consumer market.

Ongoing advice

Once the range or product is on the market our expertise can oversee production output to help retain standards and manage trade, consumer and authority nutritional enquires.

We also understand that each producer is unique so there may be specific assistance you require.

Contact us for more information on our tailor made service.


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