How important is nutrition?

We all know we need to eat to stay alive but how many actually ask the question why?

Most people know that food is essential for fuel but nutrition is much more far reaching than that. From conception, birth up to the time we die every single bit of our body from its manufacture to maintenance is totally dependent on the nutritional components we get from food. All our cellular structures including bones, muscles and organs, our blood and brain are made from nutrients such as the essential amino and fatty acids we get in our diet. All our bodily functions will only occur because we give them the right nutritional mix including a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

It seems too obvious to say this but we need a healthy, varied, balanced diet, to make a healthy body. There is no way round it, no quick fixes, superfood or supplement. Simply, if you don’t provide your body with the right mix of nutritional components then it will struggle to function and maintain itself.

As with everything in the body, nutrients need to interrelate to function effectively. Individual nutrients in isolation do not work effectively, there needs to be balance. Too much of the same food will give you an overload in some nutrients, creating waste, storage and disposal problems for the body and a deficiency in others making the stack of ones you have got of little value.

The choice is simple, you either put in the things that make you look and feel good, or you don’t. Your diet provides the building blocks of life, your life in fact and that seems quite important to me.

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